Online Glasses, Whort it or not?

Glasses online, Whort it or Not?

After years going to Lenscrafters and many other optical brands, I was tired or not only overpaying but the limited amount of styles. I decided to give an online brand a try. I was bombarded with tons of ads in social media (Way too many options). I tried two different companies.

First, I decided to try Glasses USA; they had a great selection and some premium brands. The site makes it relatively easy to upload your eye prescription and select glasses. The packaging was very nice and cute, and the delivery was prompt. My glasses arrived in around 12 to 14 days. Prices were starting approximately $50, and you have the option to customize your lens. For example, you can add blue light protection for my tech friends that spend many hours connected and anti-scratch protection for my clumsy friends (LIKE ME).

My last choice was Warby Parker. The glasses prices start around $ 95, but they had the option to send you five frames of your choice to try for a couple of days. The idea to try the frames for a couple of days was very enticing to me, and also it gives me the option to try the quality without investing. I had to say that Warby Parker was by far, my favorite choice. The glasses are beautiful, the packaging is very fancy and modern, and the quality is impressive. I could easily compare the quality of Warby Parker to my Dolce & Gabbana frames from Lenscrafters. Warby Parker also has an app that makes the selection of frames and uploading of prescription very easy.

The winner is Warby Parker in my opinion. I do think Glasses USA are a great option as well. Worth it? Totally Worth it! This review is an unpaid review and just my honest opinion.

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