Liane Moriarty, Simply Amazing!

First, How Do I start? First, I fell in love with Moriarty’s book “What Alice Forgot,” and the rest is history. I am an avid reader; I will read anything with fiction, fantasy, romance, thriller, sci-fi, and even dystopian stories. As you can see, I do enjoy a good fiction book to take me away from reality. Moriarty’s book has a touch of realness, romance, suspense, and fantastic complicated and unique plots.

Her book “Big Little Lies” has been turned into a series by HBO. Like many other fans, you will hear the typical “Book was better” or “Too far away from the Book”. Yes, I do believe it is different but you can still feel Moriarty’s writing essence on it. I think it is an excellent book for book clubs, summer reading or just simply as one of the best books out there, it will give you ladies a lot to discuss on your monthly wine and book discussion (Wink, wink). Her provocative, daring, and bold writing are what an atypical mom like me needs. Pour a glass of wine and enjoy being sweep away from reality.